n. & adj.
—n. (pl. -ies)
1 the product of six and ten.
2 a symbol for this (60, lx, LX).
3 (in pl.) the numbers from 60 to 69, esp. the years of a century or of a person's life.
4 a set of sixty persons or things.
—adj. that amount to sixty.
Phrases and idioms:
sixty-first, -second , etc. the ordinal numbers between sixtieth and seventieth. sixty-fourmo (pl. -os)
1 a size of book in which each leaf is one-sixty-fourth of a printing-sheet.
2 a book of this size (after DUODECIMO etc.). sixty-fourth note esp. US Mus. = HEMIDEMISEMIQUAVER. sixty-four thousand (or sixty-four) dollar question a difficult and crucial question (from the top prize in a broadcast quiz show). sixty-one, -two , etc. the cardinal numbers between sixty and seventy.
sixtieth adj. & n. sixtyfold adj. & adv.
Etymology: OE siextig (as SIX, -TY(2))

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